Industry Insights with Upscale Glam Room Owner and Summit Salon Academy KC Education Director Carl Glorioso – Part 4

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Scott:  What are the Benefits of the Bryan University Salon and Spa Management program to a professional in your industry?

Carl:  To be successful you have to have a business mind.  So if they have the opportunity to go to your establishment and earn a degree in business on top of their degree in artistry it’s the perfect storm.  We find that most service providers are emotionally driven.  So if they want to go open up their own company it’s all on emotion and it’s not on hard numbers.  Where we are different from other people in our industry is we’re teaching that as well and then if they capitalize on that by going to your establishment and having more of a master’s degree in that I mean it’s a win-win so I think it’s the perfect partnership and it pairs well together.  I think more salon professionals in our industry need to become more business minded.

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