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How Personal Training Has Evolved During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we do everything around the world, from eating out and date night to attending class and going to the gym. Today’s blog from Bryan University talks about how personal training has evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Why Personal Trainers Matter

Personal trainers matter because nothing can top face-to-face interaction when helping a client achieve their fitness goals. Both the client and personal trainer get instant feedback while developing rapport and trust. It’s hard to do that through a video because the one-on-one relationship seems so distant. Even if you have a class of five people in the room, there’s nothing like seeing someone finish their reps, encouraging them to work hard, and boosting their morale. 

Over time, personal trainers develop friendships with their clients. That aspect of the industry matters because the relationship builds trust in the training process. When a trainer can cater to a client’s individual needs, it gives them the spark to accomplish their goals.

Gym Layouts

Gyms and facilities must practice social distancing. That means spreading out gym equipment so each piece is at least 6 feet apart. You’ll also have to limit the number of people in the room as allowed by state and local regulations to prevent the spread of germs. 


Personal trainers must disinfect equipment after someone uses it and before the next person touches it. Over the course of a full day, this process gets annoying. But it’s a necessary step to protect the health of your clients. Follow instructions with your chosen disinfecting spray or wipe. Consider bringing in extra staff to help with the disinfection of equipment. 

Small Groups

Small group classes are vital to gyms and personal trainers. They allow for personalized instruction while offering fantastic workouts. Small groups also create an encouraging environment where peers help each other during class. Your studio or small group classroom must adapt to ensure social distancing based on square footage. You may have to cap your class numbers anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of normal capacity, depending on your local regulations. 

Dealing with the coronavirus is scary enough. So make small group classes fun by varying the format from week to week. Workouts should be enjoyable and exciting anyway! 

Virtual Workouts

Although not ideal for personal trainers, virtual workouts are always an option. This format is particularly appealing for parents who have to watch their kids. Adapting your training format to virtual workouts helps you increase your class size while staying connected to your clients. Workouts through computers or smartphones offer much more than just a 30-minute session. You can share workout plans, diet tips, individual exercises, and emails or chat messages with your clients for maximum efficiency using online tools.


Masking in gyms is difficult because workouts require the body to take in more oxygen. That’s why you should always be aware of the health of both clients and co-workers. If someone is sick, they should stay home. Period. Provide masks at the front door for when people enter the facility to protect everyone before a workout session begins. 

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  1. This is a great initiative by the school on giving training to students apart from the regular professional and academic education. I hope students are not just learning but also actually inculcate this in their daily life during this pandemic and taking care of their health and of their near and dear ones.

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