Graduate Spotlight on Daykota Kinnie

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How has your life changed since graduating from Bryan University?

How BU changed my life since graduating has been big and prepared me for what I am doing now. Couldn’t be more thankful

In your own words, explain what you do for your current company:

I am a Medical assistant for the company I work for. I grab vitals, assist the providers with patients, take lab work as in blood or urine , and I can give vaccines or injections

What are some of your accomplishments since graduating from Bryan University? (Promotions, certifications, etc.)

My accomplishments since graduating has been to continue in nursing and become a RN.

Tell us something interesting or unique about yourself:

I am currently getting my BSN at South College here in Knoxville

What is something fun that you would like to share about yourself? (Favorite food, sports teams, etc.)

I don’t have a favorite food I like to eat everything under the sun. Favorite NFL team Baltimore Ravens!! I would say football is my favorite sport!

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