Four Reasons Why an HVAC/R Technician Career Is a Good Move

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If you want a career that doesn’t require you to sit at a desk all day and allows you to use your hands, then Bryan is the right place for you to get started. With our HVAC/R technician training, you can find yourself in a growing field that offers a competitive salary and plenty of employment opportunities. With the successful completion of Bryan’s HVAC/R training under your belt, you can enter the workforce confident in your skills.

Here are four reasons why an HVAC/R technician career is a good move.

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1. Competitive Salary

As the HVAC/R industry grows1, so do the employment opportunities. As green initiatives pave the way for a more environmentally-friendly way of living, companies will follow suit and work toward designing and installing more sustainable HVAC/R systems. Companies will require technicians who are trained in installing these newer, more advanced systems.

With an annual mean wage of $48, 490, Missouri has an above-average annual mean wage and employment rate for HVAC/R technicians.2

With an annual mean wage of $47,660, Kansas also ranks above-average.3

2. Growing Industry

The skills of HVAC/R technicians are usually needed by customers year-round. With heat needed in the winter and air conditioning needed in the summer, HVAC/R technicians must be ready to get the job done regardless of the season. HVAC systems generally need to be replaced every eight to 12 years4, which means assistance from HVAC/R technicians will often be needed.

The HVAC/R industry is projected to grow 14% from 2014-2024 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics1, which is faster than other occupations. Starting your education now is the first step to finding employment in the HVAC/R industry when you graduate.

3. Career Advancement

After completing your HVAC/R training, you may be able to advance your career over time. As an HVAC/R technician, you could start climbing the ladder from field manager to operations manager to distribution manager. Starting your career as a technician allows you the opportunity to learn and gain additional responsibility, begin to prioritize and manage job calls and, with dedication and hard work, potentially even work your way up the company.
Being an HVAC/R technician can be a rewarding and enjoyable career. Because you have the ability to meet and engage with new people every day, you never know who you will meet or what experiences you will have.

4. A Variety of Industries to Work In

Receiving your HVAC/R technician training can lead to career opportunities in a variety of industries. Some of these industries include:

Aerospace – In this field, aircraft and other aerospace machines require heating and cooling systems that can replicate the temperatures of high altitude and outer space.
Educational Institutions – All educational buildings, including elementary, secondary, university and job training centers usually have large heating and cooling systems that need continual maintenance.
Health Services – Large buildings like schools, hospitals, senior centers and clinics also need day-to-day monitoring of boilers and HVAC systems.

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Start Your HVAC/R Technician Training Today

Interested in starting your HVAC/R future? We know there are many reasons why a HVAC/R technician career is a good move. With a competitive salary and room for growth, you can receive your training, start your career and succeed. Check out Bryan’s HVAC/R Technology program page and contact us today!

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