Dollars to Donuts – The Importance of Social Media

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Scott: How important is social media in your marketing and customer retention efforts?

Tim: It’s incredibly important; I think that marketing in the 21st century is completely different than any other time we’ve seen. You’re able to reach a customer base utilizing social media; we’re tethered to our phones at all times, we carry a computer in our pocket so if we want to reach a customer base or promote a special or promote an event, we have immediate access to our customers at any time.

We are able to retain customers by engaging with them through social media to be able to educate them about events that we’re doing, specials, limited time offers, store openings, we get them excited about a store coming to a new market, and so social media has made our business. We’re able to market and advertise our business free of charge to customers around the world.

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