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SOL100 Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course focuses on the different types of PV system applications, key features and benefits, components, safety concerns, and the advantages and disadvantages of PV systems compared to other electricity generation sources.

SOL120 Introduction to Construction – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course offers an opportunity to learn basic construction concepts including site safety information, construction math, types and usage of hand and power tools, construction drawings, communication, employability, and hazards and proper techniques of material handling.

SOL125 Introduction to Electrical – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course aims to familiarize students with the electrical trade including knowledge of electrical safety, circuit concepts, theory, the National Electrical Code, device boxes, conduit installation, types and applications of raceways and fittings, conductors and wiring, basic electrical drawing, testing equipment and residential electrical services.

SOL200 Solar Design – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course introduces students to solar design concepts ensuring equipment is appropriate for an intended use, understand location conditions, manufacturer restrictions, identifying relevant codes and requirements that impact PV design and installation, electrical concepts and terminology, factors impacting solar resource design, performance, components, sizing, diagrams and structural requirements of PV systems. Prerequisites: SOL100, SOL120, SOL125

SOL210 Solar Installation – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course offers an opportunity to understand site specific safety plans, elements of layout, electrical, and equipment plan sets, identifying elements of racking, component, and storage installation along with system commissioning procedures. Prerequisites: SOL100, SOL120, SOL125

SOL220 Solar Maintenance and Operation – 4.5 Credit Hours
This course provides for the study of commonly used test equipment, analyze simple electrical circuits, performance parameters commonly monitored for PV systems and system performance monitoring equipment. Prerequisites: SOL100, SOL120, SOL125

SOL250 Solar Sales and Economics – 4.5 Credit Hours
The student is introduced to an understanding of the sales and economic environment of PV system installation including the necessary customer information to collect, customer motivations for installing solar, estimating size to meet a customer’s objective, analyzing client utility usage as it relates to grid-interactive solar, identifying electric usage as it relates to stand-alone solar, key factors that impact the economics of solar, recognizing how policies and available financial benefits affect different PV markets, risks associated with PV systems, financing options and predictable maintenance costs. Prerequisites: SOL100

SOL255 Sustainable Building Principles – 4.5 Credit Hours
The student will learn sustainable building techniques, equipment, systems, utilities, and building features that improve residential, commercial and industrial energy-efficient operations.

SOL299 Solar Externship – 4.5 Credit Hours
Students will be assigned to a facility involved in the solar photovoltaic industry and trained on duties vital within the solar field. This course will train the student to develop fundamental skills in tasks such as solar sales, installation, maintenance and operations related to PV systems. Prerequisites: Must have a 2.0 cGPA in all completed core courses.

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