Registered Medical Assistant Interview

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Heather Gideon-Gold, Medical Assistant Instructor

I went back to college in 2002; graduated in 2004 from Springfield College here in Springfield; got my Certified Medical Assistant; went to work for Cox. I worked in endocrinology for eight (8) years with Cox and then with an independent endocrinologist. I’ve worked in internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and cardiology. I’ve worked in variety of offices. I just enjoy all aspects of medical care. And then I started teaching medical assisting two (2) years ago.

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What is a normal day for a Medical Assistant?

Registered Medical Assistants daily they’re going to room patients for the physician, or nurse practitioner, or whichever provider they work for. They’re going to check vital signs on those patients. They’re going to take the patients’ histories, chief complaints, which would mean what the patient is being seen for depending on the type of office. They’re going to field phone calls for the physician, patients that call in that don’t feel well but can’t come in for an appointment or just have questions about certain things. Prescription refills, they’ll call those into the pharmacies, call patients with test results, and anything else that the doctor needs assisting with. They clean the rooms, make sure all the rooms are stocked before they leave at the end of the day.

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What characteristics make a good Medical Assistant?

Personality, positive attitude, good with people, caring. They need to be in it for the person that they’re helping. I became a medical assistant because I wanted to help others. It’s my passion. I enjoy taking care of people. So it was my way to take care of people and help others, and that’s what a person needs to be a medical assistant. They need to have a love for medicine and helping others.

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