Why Business Administration Training Can Secure Your Career

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When “business administration” is mentioned, many people likely think of workers sitting for hours on end at a desk being forced to wear uncomfortable professional clothes. However, the business industry is now so diverse that it is impossible to associate it with one stereotypical image.

Across the country, each individual store, corporation, healthcare organization and even school can only be successful with the direction and support of analytical thinkers with business expertise. The number of opportunities—from administrative support to management and everything in between—offers qualified individuals the choice to enter any field with confidence, job stability and the opportunity to take advantage of job advancement.

In addition to industries’ reliance on administrative support to keep the business a well-oiled machine, technology’s growing impact on information management is also increasing the need for skilled administrators, and employment within the field is on track to expand 8 percent before 2024.i

Bryan University’s four business degree programs provide students the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge they need to be key team members in any business setting.

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1. Associate of Applied Science Degree

You will have the flexibility to put your skills to work in almost any field, including healthcare companies, financial institutions, corporate offices and government organizations.
The Business Administration and Management Associate of Applied Science degree will focus on these core areas of administration and support:

– Management techniques
– Interpersonal communication
– Leadership
– Professionalism
– Organization
– Problem solving

This associate program is available at four convenient locations and online, making it easy for you to get the training you deserve.

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2. Bachelor of Science Degree

Have you already completed an associate’s program but want more in-depth training? If so, Bryan’s Business Administration Bachelor of Science degree is ideal for you. The program goes far beyond administrative support. It will cover effective management and business principles, as well as guide you through the financial, technological and theoretical sides of business.

The experienced faculty will push you beyond practical skills and introduce you to the principles and theories that will help you better understand the importance of your future administrative roles. You’ll graduate with all the techniques and skills required to be an accomplished member of a business team.

Bryan’s Business Administration Bachelor of Science degree is offered both in-seat and online, so you can complete the program at your convenience.

3. Master’s Degree

Want even more extensive training to prepare you for a leadership role in your business career? Then the Master of Business Administration program is the right program for you. After completing the program in as few as five quarters, you can enter the workforce with a skill set that will make you invaluable to your company. Bryan’s career-focused training ensures that you will graduate with relevant knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge in a real business environment. Not only will you be able to make precise decisions under pressure and effectively manage a team of employees, but you can be confident in your ability to advance in your career.

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Get Trained in Business Administration at Bryan

Business administration is an ever-growing field that prepares you for a variety of career paths. Whether your goal is to work in a finance, government, healthcare, sales or education setting, administrative training will make you a valuable candidate with the skills and confidence to succeed. With knowledgeable instructors teaching students relevant skills, Bryan brings the real world of business into the classroom. Apply today to take the right step for your future in business!

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i U.S. Department of Labor Statistics