BU Partner Series – Marilyn with Merrell University of Beauty Arts & Science Part 6

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Scott: Where do you see the beauty industry going in the next few years?

Marilyn: I personally think that it’s a better time than has ever been; like I said, with the baby boomers being the largest generation that we have, largest population that we have right now, and all of the needs in skincare that they have, we have, I’m a baby boomer. Now is just an incredible time for the esthetician side to do that. Also, obviously with cosmetology, age presents a different problem with hair. There’s thinning and all kinds of different things, turning grey. So even in cosmetology it opportune lots of situations. What I researched, of course the statistics were from 2019; at that point, there was 78,600 jobs in skincare alone. The expected growth from 2020 to 2029 will be a 25% increase. Much higher than average, average growth in the industry was not nearly 25%. Our industry was a 44 billion dollar industry in 2019. It booms, it really does, especially esthetics.

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