BU Partner Series – Marilyn with Merrell University of Beauty Arts & Science Part 5

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Scott: How could a business degree benefit your graduates?

Marilyn: I feel like it would be of great benefit to them. Stylists and estheticians too; we tend to be more artistic type people I’d say, but maybe we haven’t had business classes. We have a business course here within our program, but it’s very limited. The hours the state requires are not that much. I feel like there are very good estheticians and cosmetologists at their skill, but they haven’t really had classes on management. They have to depend on an accountant, depend on an attorney to get these things going for them. If they could just have that extra training and knowledge, it might keep them from making so many mistakes. They’d have a bit more knowledge for that. We have tons of students who say they want to be owners. They want to own their own business but they don’t know how. Hopefully Bryan University can give them those skills.

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