BU Partner Series – Marilyn with Merrell University of Beauty Arts & Science Part 4

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Scott: How long have you been with Merrell University?

Marilyn: I opened Merrell in 1985. For Senator Norman Merrell, that’s where the Merrell comes from. He was the superintendent of the public schools too so we both had a love for education as well. His wife was the executive director of the state board here, and she said she had been in all the schools in the state of Missouri and they were subpar, so she wanted a good school in the state. That’s kind of the premise of how the school developed. I wrote the curriculum and started it for them and that was 35 years ago. Then I purchased it 20 years ago, and they have passed since. So, that’s been our goal, just like she wanted, to have the best school in the state, so that’s what we’ve tried to do. We’ve also gone into international programs. Our cosmetology and esthetics are both international curriculum. So we’ve gone the best we possibly can in both of those.

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