BU Partner Series – Marilyn with Merrell University of Beauty Arts & Science Part 3

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Scott: How did you become an educator in this industry?

Marilyn: After graduating from high school, I went to college. I’m from Kirksville and that’s where Truman is. It was not called Truman back then. That’s where I started college. I had some classes in computer science, even back then, a long time ago, I loved it. I told my guidance counselor that’s what I wanted to major in. He said to me, “oh honey, there is no future in that. You have to be a teacher.” Because it was a teachers college. It was called Northeast Missouri State Teachers College back then, then the name was changed to Truman and it became more for liberal arts than just teaching. They taught all of us to be teachers really, so my degree there was in education, but my true love was always in this industry. So I kind of talked my parents into doing both. So I went to cosmetology school and graduated top in my class. The owners there asked me to stay and become an instructor there, and I did. I loved it, I didn’t realize that’s what I would be doing; I thought I would be working at a salon or spa or whatever, but education just really got ahold of me and I’ve had a passion for it for 50 years. This is what I’ve just loved and still do. My friends say, “You need to retire; why aren’t you traveling with us?” I say, “Well, this is what I enjoy.” I enjoy this as much as anything else I could possibly do.

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