BU Partner Series – Marilyn with Merrell University of Beauty Arts & Science Part 1

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Scott:  How has the field of beauty changed during your career?

Marilyn: It has changed tremendously during my career because in April i will have been in this fifty years. So a lot has changed in fifty years. I think each decade brings its own unique styles it seems. When I got into the industry the styles were very ornate and very intricate. It was an altogether different type of education to do that. Stylists and students had to be very artistic to work in that era. Then we moved right on in to the 60s and 70s and they were very much like they are today, with super straight hair. All geometric, no ornate, nothing intricate at all about the styles. 80’s we had tight perms. Men too, we permed men, like we are now. Like with Patrick Mahomes, we probably do three little boys a week; shave the sides and perm the top. I do see a new trend moving toward some more movement in hair. More beach waves as we call them; move movement again. Its just changed so much and each time it changes of course then we have to keep up and change as well. I think the esthetics industry; we have lots of newer and better ways of doing things. Right now baby boomers, being the largest population, are needing products for anti aging and now that the kids are gone they have money to spend on themselves. So we now have a lot of those services happening.

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