BU Graduate Spotlight – Krystal Part 3

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Scott:  As a graduate of the program, what were some AHA moments you experienced throughout the course of your education at Bryan University?

Krystal: When I first started with the program, I had an AHA moment like, “ah, I can do this.” Whenever I started my first class, I didn’t know if it was going to be something that I could take on and handle, and when I started with my first class there was so much instruction and guidance with the program that I was able to get right into the pace of it and get started. That was a big AHA moment, like, “okay, you’ve got this.” Another big AHA moment would probably be seeing the benefits of the classes I was taking. I was already starting to grasp a lot of skills that, um, I was a little bit in the age group where I know computers and I know the tech side, but not very much, just enough to get by. So the classes gave me that AHA, so this is how this really works, and into excel, and into the computer programs gave me a side of marketing myself in this industry. Being able to do payroll, and being able to do those things I didn’t even realize could even be done by me personally. It was a really cool moment to see that I can do this for myself.

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