Bryan University Earns Provider Status from Renewable Energy Board

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Bryan University has been named as an education and training provider by the North American Board of Certified Energy Providers (NABCEP). The university launched the Solar Energy Technician technical training diploma and the Solar-Sustainable Energy Specialist Associate of Applied Science Degree programs at its main campus in Springfield, MO and nationwide, via its online division, in July of this year. The programs were built with the input of an employer advisory panel and are focused on preparing students for the NABCEP Photovoltaic Associate certification.

“Partnering with NABCEP will prove invaluable to our graduates entering the solar industry,” said Michael Sowers, Executive Director for Bryan University Online. “It has been incredibly satisfying to see this curriculum come together. The approval from NABCEP is a critical and qualitative addition to the processes we are deploying for the solar industry.” Students can choose the technical diploma path or the associate degree path. Courses in both programs can be delivered 100% online and both require an externship with an actual solar energy employer. Bryan University has received significant interest in the program from prospective students and employers.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates this occupation will grow “much faster than average” through 2028. “These programs represent an effective response to a specific and stated need from employers,” said Sowers. “Bryan University is excited to work with national employers and a board with the standards for excellence and ethics like NABCEP.”  Visit our School of Trades program section for more information on Bryan University’s solar energy programs.

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