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Bryan University Answers: Can I Take Online Courses for a Solar Career?

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A solar energy technician is a very hands-on job. You need to place solar panels properly, connect wires, test connections, and then make sure the panels run at peak efficiency. However, you can still learn the fundamentals of the trade through online courses. In today’s blog from Bryan University, we answer how you can take online courses to jumpstart your solar career.

1. Learn Theories and Concepts

Classroom teaching delves into the fundamental theories and concepts of being a solar energy technician. You get to learn the concepts of solar photovoltaic, construction, and electrical trades before moving to design, installation, maintenance, operation, and building principles of solar energy. You also learn the sales and economics of solar.

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2. Delve Into an Online Classroom

Course offerings for a solar energy technician include introductory and intermediate classes. Intro courses let you decide if you want to pursue the full program. Intro courses also serve as prerequisites for more advanced classes. Bryan University’s online classroom lets you learn at your own pace, ask questions of your professors, and master concepts before taking your classroom knowledge to the field. Once you complete all of the core courses, you embark on a solar externship with a local facility involved in the solar photovoltaic industry to receive hands-on experience.  

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3. Study for Four Quarters

The solar energy technician program at Bryan University lasts 40 weeks and is four quarters in length. Each of the nine courses is worth 4.5 credit hours towards completion of the program. Our program prepares you for the NABCEP Photovoltaic Associate certification. That certification opens you up for high-paying jobs in this fast-growing field. 

Enroll in Bryan University’s Solar Energy Technician Program

Your future is bright if you choose Bryan University’s solar energy technician program. You get to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. Enroll at Bryan University or call 1-855-862-0755 for more information. 

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