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Become a Leader with a Healthcare Administration Degree

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If you are interested in working in healthcare, but you would prefer to be in a business setting, a career in Healthcare Administration could be right for you! In today’s blog, Bryan University talks about the Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Administration program as well as what skills you need to be successful in this career!

A Successful Healthcare Administrator

Working in healthcare requires skills like compassion, professionalism, and medical knowledge, but healthcare administration requires even more than that! Since hospitals and clinics are run like businesses, an important part of your job is management. Here are the skills you need for success:


As a healthcare administrator, your daily tasks will include organizing and overseeing policies and people in your workplace. Because of this, leadership is a necessary part of the job! At Bryan University, you will learn the skills you need through courses in leadership, office administration, project management and more!


Communication plays a vital role in all aspects of healthcare. As a healthcare administrator, you will be handling important information such as insurance, billing, and private patient records. Clear and complete communication within your office and throughout the hospital is necessary for business to run smoothly. At Bryan University, you will learn the communication skills you need through various business courses in the Healthcare Administration degree!

Human Resources

A solid understanding of human resources is essential for a job in healthcare administration, especially if you go on to advance your career. If you do, you will be in charge of making important staffing decisions! To help you build an understanding that will allow you to quickly advance your knowledge, you will take a basic course in Human Resources Management at Bryan University. 


Compliance with federal, state, and local laws is an essential component of any healthcare facility, so understanding these laws is imperative to your job in the industry. The healthcare compliance laws you will focus on include billing, occupational health, privacy, and security. As part of the Healthcare Administration program, our Medical Law and Ethics course will give you the foundation you need to understand these laws!

Healthcare Administration at Bryan University

If you think you have what it takes to learn these skills and apply them in a setting like healthcare administration, Bryan University offers the Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Administration both online and on campus! You will gain the experience and skills you need to succeed as a healthcare administrator, and with the option of online courses you can do it on your terms! 

If you are interested in this program or any of our other various programs, you can easily Enroll Online, visit the Bryan University Website, or call us at 417-862-5700 to speak with a representative and get started!


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