Approaching 500 Billion Devices: The Future of Computer Networking

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By 2019, there will be nearly 24 billion networked devices worldwide, nearly double the amount just five years earlier in 2014.1 Computer networking has drastically changed how we live over the past 30 years and will continue to change how we live in the future.

What does this mean for future computer networking professionals?

“As the networked world grows bigger and more complicated, IT teams are morphing. An example: The ability to manage virtual workloads, define network architectures and orchestrate services requires very different skills for managing routers,” said Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research.1 “In addition, everything today is more interdependent, meaning network, application, [computing] and storage teams need to work together. Siloed teams from the legacy IT world won’t cut it.”

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Here’s what this means:

Your Information Technology Training Must be Well-Rounded

Kerravala is not alone in this opinion.

One of America’s largest independent broadcasting companies, Tribune Media, CIO David Giambruno agrees. In his experience, he knew that the server professional was the server professional and the network professional was the network professional. But all of that changed over time.

Instead of a specific server professional or network professional or storage professional, there are cloud engineers “because all of that works as a system. People still have their natural affinities, what they’re better at, but to all of them it’s just bits. It’s interesting to watch how they work together and how they communicate and how much they can get done because there aren’t those artificial silos anymore,” he said.2

Computer networking is the foundation of businesses’ success now and is the key to nearly every company’s future success. As growth in computer network systems and database administration continues to grow in the computer world and the business industry, professionals with qualified training in information technology management will be needed. Information technology training from Bryan University will teach you the wide range of skills you need. From network scripting to information technology management, you’ll be prepared to find the path that’s right for you — and get right to work.

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It’s Important to have a Solid Understanding of Computer Networking

It’s estimated that 15 years from now there will be 500 billion devices connected to the internet.1

“Think about that power of that. It changes everything. Every aspect of every person’s life,” he says. “The network is not just front and center. It’s going to experience exponential importance in a way that people are just beginning to dream about,” Cisco Executive Chairman and Former CEO, John Chambers said.1

Building a solid foundation in the core technologies of computer networking enables people to learn specialized areas later. The vastness of computer networks can easily become an overwhelming thought. Rather than trying to study and master one area, focus on the basic foundations of technologies and networking first.

Because regardless of business setting, whether it’s a large corporation, small business, government agency, healthcare facility or educational institution, individuals with information technology knowledge can work together to keep these organizations operating effectively, efficiently, and securely. Information technology training at Bryan can give you the skills and knowledge needed to be prepared for this vital business role.

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Prepare for a Career in this Changing Industry at Bryan University

Computer network administrators keep the workplace running smoothly by designing fast, efficient networks, solving problems with equipment and keeping the technology businesses rely on up-to-date and running smoothly. A Computer Networking Specialist Diploma program or Associate of Applied Science Degree Program in Computer Information Systems – Networking from Bryan can prepare you to succeed in keeping up with those tasks. Our instructors have firsthand experience in the field and can offer valuable insight and practical strategies designed to help you succeed. If you’re ready to take part in this booming industry and work toward a computer networking career, get started at Bryan University today!

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