A Professional Fitness Trainer Certification is Important. So is Education.

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A Professional Fitness Trainer Certification is Important. So is Education.

If you are interested in a career in the fitness industry and have done any research, it probably has become clear that gaining national certification is crucial. Whether attending our online university or classes at our campuses in Springfield, MO or Rogers, AR, you will benefit from personal training courses that prepare you for ACE certification and a career in the fitness industry.

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What do our Faculty Say?

“ACE certification is highly recognized by professional trainers and their clients across the nation,” says Bryan University Health and Wellness Department Chair, Tara Homburg. Homburg, who has been ACE certified for more than twenty years, also has an MBA and understands the business of personal training and what it takes to develop a successful career. “As an ACE Education partner, Bryan University is guiding students through courses that match industry standards.”

More than One Program Option for Students

Students can complete the Personal Trainer diploma program at Bryan University either with campus classes two days per week or 100% online in just 40 weeks. To see a list of courses in the Personal Trainer diploma program, click here.

For students wishing to acquire a degree in the field, the Exercise Specialist Associate of Applied Science degree program can be completed in as little as 70 weeks. The program also includes an externship in an actual gym or fitness-related environment. This program is either on-campus classes or 100% online.  For more information about the Exercise Specialist Associate of Applied Science Degree program, click here.

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How do I get started?

To speak with someone about fitness certification and Bryan University’s programs, click here.

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